General info:

  • All prices are in USD
  • Shipping is not included
  • Prices are for props made of mochi minky accented with sublimation printing, unless otherwise stated
  • Mochi minky takes roughly 3-4 weeks to ship to me. Assume that this is the minimum timeframe in which I can begin your project.
  • Sublimation is limited by the size of my printer and heat press. Please let me know if your design requires a print over 9x12 inches, as I will have to get creative with patterning and seams in order to make everything work
  • I currently do not offer fan props, sorry!
  • Size is measured from the largest dimension on the prop (top to bottom, or side to side)
  • This guide is to be used to give a rough estimate only. All prices are subject to final approval


Heads: TBD - Not currently available
Bodysuits: TBD - Not currently available
Handpaws: $300
Slim feetpaws: $400
Stompy feetpaws: $400
Tails: $100+


  • 1 color of fur
  • 1 color of mochi minky for paw pads


  • Additional colors: $30 each
  • Claws: +$50
  • Spots and stripes: $10 each
  • Custom printed mochi minky: $50+

Custom bell collars

Starting price: $150+


  • 1 color of mochi minky for the collar band (additional colors may increase the price)
  • 1 single-tone bell of any color

Collar band designs:

  • Simple (stripes, spots, etc): +$5 each
  • Complex (designs that require unique art): $50+

Bell variants:

  • Multi colored bell: $10+
  • Simple bell replacement (such a name tag): $25+
  • Complex bell replacement: $50+

Please note: Any additional seams on the collar band will make it bulky, thus making it harder to adjust. I recommend going with sublimation printing as opposed to sewing in additional colors for this reason.

Custom beaded necklace

Starting price: $500+


  • 1 color of mochi minky for the beads (additional colors may increase the price)
  • 1 simple accessory (such as a bell)


  • Custom printed beads: $100+
  • Additional accessories: $50+

Custom bottles

Starting price: $250+


  • All-over custom design and printing
  • One 10-12” tall bottle


  • Additional bottles of the same design: +$75 each
  • Talk to me about bottles over 12” tall

Please note: I won’t copy existing brands. I can make spin-offs, but there must be differences in the logo and text.

Custom props

Starting price: $180+ for small props, $250+ for large props


  • Two colors of mochi minky (additional colors may increase the price)
  • Simple prop shape
  • Small sublimated accents


  • Additional or complex prop shapes: $50+
  • Detailed custom printing: $50+

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