What is your turnaround time?
It depends on the project! My mochi minky supplier is overseas and shipping time can take around 3-4 weeks from ordering to receiving, so please keep that in mind. Custom props take a bit longer to get just right, and due to the unique aspect of each project, it's hard to estimate an exact turnaround time.

Turnaround times are also affected by how many orders are in my queue. I do not keep a long queue, but I do work in order of payment received.

If you have a certain deadline that needs to be met, please let me know before commissioning. I will do my best to work with you!

Are you open for commissions?
Please check my Twitter for openings.

What are your prices?
Please view my pricing guide for more information.

Do you accept payment plans?
I do not.

What sizes do your paws fit?
My handpaws are one size fits most, but if you have a concern, please let me know during the submission process. I can adjust my patterns to fit smaller or larger sizes.
My slimpaw pattern is specifically tailored to your foot size, so please provide it when enquiring about a commission.

How old do I have to be to commission you?
You must be 18 years of age or older.

Can I send you materials for my commission?
Maybe! Please let me know during the submission process if you would like to send in fur. However, mochi minky cannot be sent in, as I order from a specific supplier.

Where do you get your materials?
I get my furs from Howl Fabrics and BigZ. My mochi minky is usually sourced from Hopen Textiles.

Do you negotiate prices or do bulk deals?
Since I'm a one person operation, I can't do discounts or deals. Sorry!